Scholarships - B.Pharm. Programs

GITAM offers scholarship to the deserving meritorious candidates as detailed below
  • Branch wise fee concession to top scorers of GAT 2021 for admission to B.Pharm. program.

    GAT 2021 (Pharmacy UG) Score NEET 2021 (Rank) Tuition fee exempted for first year
    >= 180 < 100000 100 %
    >=160 & <=179 >=100000 & <150000 75 %
    >=140 & <=159 >=150000 & <200000 50 %
    >=120 & <=139 >=200000 & <250000 25 %

    The fee concessions will be continued for the subsequent years, subject to scoring 8.0 & above CGPA every year.

Scholarships - M.Pharm. Programs

GITAM offers scholarship to the deserving meritorious candidates as detailed below
  • Branch wise fee concession to top scorers of GAT Pharmacy PG 2021 for admission to M.Pharm. programs.

    GAT 2021 (Pharmacy PG) Score GPAT 2021 Rank Tuition fee exempted for first year
    >= 180 <=1000 100 %
    >=160 & <=179 >=1001 & <=2000 75 %
    >=140 & <=159 >=2001 & <=4000 50 %
    >=120 & <=139 >=4001 & <=6000 25 %

    The fee concessions will be continued for the subsequent years, subject to scoring 8.0 & above CGPA every year.

  • Rs. 50,000/- Teaching Assistantships per annum will be offered to meritorious M.Pharm. students depending upon the need and availability of suitable candidates, subject to a maximum of three students in each program.This scholarship is applicable to only those students who have not availed of any scholarship at the time of admission.
    • Admissions through scholarship will be offered on “first cum first-served basis” only.
    • Admissions through scholarships are limited up to 25% of the approved course intake. (For Physiotherapy, up to 50% of the approved intake) will be eligible for scholarships.
    • Once the earmarked 25% of seats (50% in case of Physiotherapy) are filled in a course through scholarship, despite qualifying for the scholarship, the student will not the entitled to the scholarship.

    Sports at GITAM

    At GITAM, we believe that Sports is one of the key components in enhancing the Campus life experience of students. Hence, we focus on providing sports opportunities to students to help with developing social awareness and interaction.

    Sport is a great tool to address students’ physical and mental health, social and personal development, in parallel with intellectual and academic developments. GITAM intends to be a leading enabler in sport-based development, and towards that end, will offer engagement opportunities to students to access high quality playing facilities which in turn will contribute to a positive and healthy sports culture within the University.

    The establishment of a competitive sports culture is an essential element in our pursuit of instituting a robust and sustainable sports ecosystem.

    The time-tested way of establishing a competitive sports culture is by introducing Student athletes through an effective Sports Quota system. The vision for Student-athletes in GITAM is to provide deserving students a chance to get quality education in conjunction with pursuing their athletic dreams.

    Sports Scholarship

    • Through the Sports Quota, GITAM aims to attract talented athletes to pursue education at GITAM Deemed to be University, while offering them an opportunity to continue practicing and playing the sport of their choice at a competitive level for the University.
    • While the students’ achievements and prowess in Sports will be given importance, there shall be equal significance attributed to their academic performance once they start the Student-Athlete journey.

    Application Process

    • Proceed to fill the regular GITAM application.
    • The prospective students may select Sports Quota in the Scholarship drop down box, which will open a separate section for entering sports related information.
    • All the sports achievements will have to be listed in the application form with uploading a scan copy of proof (certificates, paper clippings etc.) in the allotted provision.
    • The achievements should be within 3 years from the year of application (i.e.) on or after 1st January 2018.
    • The application will be considered only if the applicant has participated/won in their sport at an International, National, State or Zonal level.
    • The list of sports for which Admissions are available under Sports Quota is mentioned below :
    # Sport Categories/Gender
    1 Basketball Men & Women
    2 Badminton Men & Women
    3 Cricket Men & Women
    4 Football Men & Women
    5 Kabaddi Men & Women
    6 Table Tennis Men & Women
    7 Tennis Men & Women
    8 Volleyball Men & Women
    9 Throwball Women
    10 Handball Men & Women
    11 Chess Men & Women

    Shortlisting & Trials

    • There will be a two-stage screening process for finalizing the Sports Quota candidates.

      1. Application review :
        All applications will be analyzed and the candidates who rank the highest amongst the applicants and meet the criteria set will be called for Selection Trials & Interview.
      2. Selection Trials + Interview :
        • The candidates who have cleared the Application review process will participate in a Selection Trials process. The Selection Trial will be an assessment of their game/sport – which shall include :
        • a. Sport specific Fitness.
          b. Fundamental knowledge and skills on the sport.
          c. Overall playing ability.
        • The personal interview will also be conducted to assess the overall fit of the candidate.


    a. The overall evaluation process shall be as under:

    Assessment Stage Assessment categories Allotted weightage
    Application Process
    Sports Achievements 30%
    Selection Trials
    Academic History + GAT/Entrance test score 20%
    Sports specific Trials 40%
    Personal Interview 10%
    Total 100%

    b. The various levels of competitions and categories of events are given below:

    Level of Competition Name of the Competitions
    Recognized International Events
    International (Olympics/Asian games)
    International (Games conducted every six months)
    Recognized National Events
    National Championships/National Games – Organized by National Federations/IOA/MYAS
    School Games Federation of India (SGFI) Meet (National Level)/Khelo India School Games/Khelo India University Games
    All India Rural Sports Meet/PYKKA (Panchayat YuvaKridaAur Khel Abhiyan) National Level Rural Competition (National Level)
    National Sports Festival for Women/PYKKA National Level Women Competition (National Level
    National Inter-School Competition (National Level)
    Recognized State Championships State Championship Representing Revenue District – Organized by State Association
    Recognized National Events
    KVS/CBSE National Sports Meet (State Level)
    PYKKA State Rural Competition
    Recognized District/Zonal events
    District Tournaments/Sports Meet/Championships conducted by District Sports Associations
    District Inter School Competition/SAI Promotion Games (District Level)
    PYKKA – District Level Rural competition
    PYKKA District Level Women competition

    c. Authorization authority for certificates

    Category Details Competent Authority for Authorization
    International (Representing Nation) President/Secretary of the National Sports Federation (recognized by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports/IOA) Participation certificate should be signed by the President/Secretary General/Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the host Nation
    National (Representing State) Member Secretary, Secretary of the State Association
    National Games (Representing the State) President/Secretary of IOA and Chairman of the organizing committee
    National (Representing State) Chief Inspector of Physical Education for National School Games competitions
    Khelo India University Games VC/Registrar of University/Khelo India Games Certificate
    School Games Federation of India (SGFI) (National Level) President/Hon. Gen. Secretary, SGFI
    Khelo India/National Inter-School Competition (National Level) Executive Director/Director-General, Sports Authority of India
    All India Rural Sports (National Level) Executive Director/Director-General, Sports Authority of India
    National Sports Festival for Women (National Level) Executive Director/Director-General, Sports Authority of India
    PYKKA (Panchayat YuvaKridaAur Khel Abhiyan) National Level Rural Tournament Executive Director/Director-General, Sports Authority of India
    KVS Nationals (State Level) Commissioner/Joint Commissioner of KVS
    CBSE National Sports Meet (State Level) A. E. O. – Sports/Secretary, CBSE
    State Inter School Competitions (State Level) Member Secretary, State Sports Development Authority
    PYKKA State Rural Competition Member Secretary, State Sports Development Authority
    CBSE South Zone Sports Meet (Divisional Level) A.E.O. – Sports/Secretary, CBSE
    District Inter School Competitions (Divisional Level) District Sports Officer
    PYKKA District Rural Competition Member Secretary and District Sports Officer
    District Level Competitions District Education Officer

    Grant of Sport Scholarship:

    • The scholarship will be granted on an annual basis. Sports performance, Academic and overall performance of the current year will be considered for continuation or withdrawal of scholarship for the 2nd year and subsequent years.

    Special Scholarships for the Academic Year 2021-2022

    Sl. No Scholarship Scheme Scholarship Percentage
    1 Alumni Returning to Higher Studies 10%
    2 Children of Alumni 10%
    3 Real siblings studying at the same time. (Not applicable to step-siblings (cousins)) 10%
    4 Children of Retired Employees of GITAM 10%

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Only one of the above four will be applied at any given point in time. It means students who will become eligible under more than one criterion will be given only 10%.
    • The above scholarships are in addition to merit scholarships (50% and below).
    • This scheme will not be applicable to students who secured 100% and 75% merit scholarships University Scholarship regulations will apply to the above-mentioned new scholarship categories.
    • The above scholarship framework is not applicable for MBBS program.
    • In case of any conflict in the Interpretation of the Scholarship rules, the Vice-Chancellor's decision is final and binding.