Kautilya School of Public Policy at a glance

MPP is a residential 2-year multi-disciplinary program that gives you exposure to all aspects of policy - economics, politics, business, law, ethics, communications and technology. Our curriculum design is based on the international pedagogical framework and contextualized specifically to tackle complexities of the Indian market that will accelerate your career in policy-making, consulting and evaluation, non-profit or social enterprises, or government & politics.

Our program's combination of academic rigour and on-ground experiences will give you the confidence to assume leadership in any career of your choice. Some of the popular avenues you can choose after your MPP.

India is at an inflection point. Since independence, we've put in the hard yards. We've established the world's largest democracy. We've created global businesses. We've bred visionaries who've shaped economies, ideologies, and institutions. We've established a soft power that makes the world look at us with admiration. And with 90% of our population being under 60 years of age, we're entering a phase of rapid economic growth.

Building a new India will require passion, long-term commitment and, most importantly, a pool of public policy professionals formally trained in evidence-based policy making, implementation and leadership – which is precisely what we, at Kautilya School of Public Policy, aim to do.

Gain the ability to dissect fundamental questions at the heart of pressing social and cultural debates. A 5-core program with electives such as social work, peace studies, environmental studies and geography, this course equips students for the civil services, along with providing a range of options after graduation.

Master your ability to speak the language of the world. As the platforms on which brands communicate multiply, so do their need for effective communicators who can define their voice and gain share of mind with it. This pathway will prepare you for a role in media and visual communication that helps you achieve just that.

Learn to manage workplace dynamics with more of a human touch, even as technology marches on with automation and Artificial Intelligence. In this landscape, knowing why people behave the way they do and managing them productively are compelling skills that will be in high demand for a long time.

Understand and solve real-world problems of all sizes from businesses to entire nation states. You will learn how mathematics can be applied to solve practical problems, in addition to developing excellent analytical and problem-solving skills highly valued by employers today.



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Established in 2009, the Hyderabad campus is the second branch of GITAM. Matching the pace of growth of Hyderabad itself, this campus has transformed into a hub of higher education in Telangana.