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Designing a building is no easy task. Increasingly, architects have to balance the legacy of traditions with the allure of the new. Designing a building is not simply creating a blueprint and then constructing it. The construction materials and building operations together constitute nearly 40% of greenhouse* gas emissions. The responsibility for ensuring these living spaces are as carbon efficient as possible today falls to architects too. Another recent challenge architects will have to solve is designing spaces that contain the spread of deadly viruses.

*Source: Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction. 2018 Global Status Report.

Architecture at a glance

The Bachelor of Architecture program has been specially designed to help you emerge as an architect of the future. Taught at GITAM School of Architecture, this is a 5-year program approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. You will learn how to create environment-friendly structures through skills, materials and by leveraging the geographical conditions at the site of construction.

Program features

  • Sharp focus on research and development

  • Leading the study of aesthetic values and cultural sensitivities

  • National and International Study Tours to understand the value of heritage

Key learning takeaways

  • Principles of design concepts

  • Materials innovation

  • Balance of new and old construction systems

  • Planning and developing visual vocabulary and judgment

  • Blending theoretical aspects of architecture with the practical

  • Field studies to understand human activities and behavior

How to Apply

You will need to apply by taking the GITAM Admission Test (GAT). See the steps below to know how to apply with the GAT.

Appear and Qualify in NATA

NATA qualifying is
mandatory for B.Arch Admission

Along with NATA
Qualified score Select Campus

Life at GITAM

Our campuses

Established in 1980 as the main-campus of GITAM Deemed to be University and is the oldest of the three campuses and situated at one of the most idyllic locations in Andhra Pradesh.

Established in 2009, the Hyderabad campus is the second branch of GITAM. Matching the pace of growth of Hyderabad itself, this campus has transformed into a hub of higher education in Telangana.