Online Examination Centres

GITAM will conduct online admission examination at the following 50 examination centres, depending upon the number of applications received against each examination centre.

S.No City S.No City
01. Ahmedabad 26. Kota
02. Anantapur 27. Kurnool
03. Bellary 28. Lucknow
04. Bokaro 29. Mangalore
05. Bengaluru (City) 30. Mumbai
06. Bengaluru (GITAM) 31. Mysore
07. Berhampur 32. Nagpur
08. Bhopal 33. Nellore
09. Bhubaneswar 34. New Delhi
10. Bilaspur 35. Nizamabad
11. Chennai 36. Ongole
12. Chittoor 37. Patna
13. Coimbatore 38. Pune
14. Guntur 39. Raipur
15. Guwahati 40. Rajahmundry
16. Hyderabad (Nagole) 41. Ranchi
17. Hyderabad (GITAM) 42. Secunderabad
18. Hubli 43. Tadepalligudem
19. Jamshedpur 44. Tirupathi
20. Kadapa 45. Trivendrum
21. Kakinada 46. Varanasi
22. Karimnagar 47. Velivennu
23. Kochi 48. Vijayawada
24. Khammam 49. Visakhapatnam
25 Kolkata 50. Warangal
  • The details of the centres will be available to candidates in the website GITAM reserves the right to cancel any test centre and in such a case, candidates allotted to these centres will be accommodated in an alternate test centre.The final list of centres will be announced to candidates through the website GITAM reserves the right to cancel any examination centre and in such a case, candidates allotted to these centres will be accommodated in alternate examination centres.
  • Depending on the administrative convenience, test may be conducted for a limited number of days in some of the centres. The final list of test centres, venues and days of test will be announced only after receiving all the applications and candidates will be informed of the same through GITAM website to enable the candidates to choose their centre, date and time for the test as per their convenience and availability of slots in any of the aforesaid centres. Candidates should indicate 2 different test centres, in the order of preference, in the application for consideration by GITAM.
  • The candidate has to register his/her name at the registration counter in the test centre. The e-hall tickets of the candidates will be verified by the proctor to confirm each candidate's identity. The candidate has to produce any authorised photo identity card. Each candidate will be allotted a seat with a computer. Candidate must take the allotted seat 15 minutes before the commencement of the test.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers or any other material except the e-hall ticket into the test hall. Candidates are also not permitted to bring calculators, slide rules and any electronic gadgets that lead to malpractice or any other object that is likely to provide unfair assistance.
  • No candidate will be allowed to go outside the test hall till the completion of the entire duration of allotted time for the test. Once a candidate leaves the test hall, he/she will not be permitted to re-enter the test hall under any circumstances.
  • No waiting facilities will be provided for family and friends at the test centres. Tea, coffee, soft drinks / snacks are not allowed into the examination hall.
  • Candidates should maintain perfect silence throughout the test. All actions of the candidate in the test hall will be under video surveillance. Any conversation or gesticulation or disturbance in the test hall shall be deemed as misbehaviour and if any candidate is found using unfair means or impersonation, his/her candidature will be cancelled and they will be liable to be debarred from taking examination either permanently or for a specified period, as decided by the institution. GITAM reserves the right to withhold the result of such candidates.
  • Candidates must sign in the attendance sheet in the presence of the proctor. The candidate must obey the rules of the test centres, otherwise he / she will be automatically debarred from the test.
  • In rare and unlikely event of a technical failure during the test, the candidate may be required to take the test again.